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Paper information is costly to create. Once created, it is even more expensive to find, store or recreate. 

IDM transforms your paper into useful information:

  • Paper bills become e-bills.
  • Proof of delivery slips become a research database.
  • Customer feedback forms become a sales and marketing tool.
  • HR files are instantly retrieved. I-9ís are in compliance.
  • AP invoices are matched to purchase orders and payments.
  • Computer output is archived for long term access.

Paper documents are scanned, indexed and coded at our central office or regional scanning centers. Data and images are forwarded to your workflow electronically.

Electronic print output is merged with graphical forms to create exact replicas of your final printed material.

Your data can be stored on our secure servers, on your servers or even on a single workstation.

You can access your documents 7 x 24 x 365 via any modern web browser.

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